CRE - Consulting Reservoir Engineering


For reservoir engineering we have licenses for numerical reservoir simulation (Eclipse), well test analysis (Fekete WellTest) and log interpretation (TerraStation). Licenses for Petrel and other software have to purchased for the time period of a project.

For other purposes self developed software is available.


Software package for gas storage engineering, gas PVT, EOS, gas well test, well engineering .. 


Data base for gas storage data .. 

Software development for gas reservoir engineeering

Software development for your requirements ...

Enhanced oil recovery

Software  for lab testing ...


          Calculatinig status of pressure and tempeature in salt caverns for gas storage 


          Editor for input of simulation runs, 3d-Viewer, graphing of simulation resiults


          Simulator for gas storage in porous media and salt caverns

          Includes simulation in surface facilities

          Allows for simulation of Compressed Air Energy Storage