CRE - Consulting Reservoir Engineering


GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG, Berlin
 Reservoir engineering for a gas storage in Berlin, numerical simulation, well   testing, cased hole log-interpretation.
Gasversorgung Nordthüringen GmbH
 Consultant for a gas storage project
KBB, Hannover
 Consultant for a horizontal drilling project in Albania
 Well testing in Iran and Spain
 numerical reservoir simulation
Ruhrgas AG, Essen
 Consulting for a CBM-project
PLE, Essen
 Numerical simulation for a gas storage
Deminex, Essen
 Simulation study for a Russian oil field
EWE, Oldenburg
 Reservoir engineering for gas storage
NLFB, Hannover (German geological survey)
 Consulting in reservoir engineering
RAG, Vienna
 Study for a gas storage project
Serept, SFAX (Tunesia)
 Numerical reservoir simulation for an offshore oilfield
RWE-DEA, Hamburg
 Well test interpretation
 Audit of a reservoir simulation study
IOOC, Theran
 Simulation study for an offshore oil field
BEB, Hannover
 Reservoir study for a water disposal project
 Compositional reservoir simulation study for gas storage in a depleted oil field
 Compositional reservoir simulation for gas storage, conversion of gas quality
Bayerngas, Munich
 Consulting on gas storage
IOOC, Iran
 2 simulation studies on offshore oil fields
Petrom, Romania
 Reservoir simulation
Czech Oil Company, Hodonin Czech Republic
 Reservoir modelling and simulation for the development of an oil field
DrillTec, Deggendorf
 Well testing
 Geological model building
 Reservoir simulation study for the development of 2 oil fields
StatoilHydro, Bergen Norway
 Contract on consulting for Enhanced Oil Recovery
 "Water Based Methods", surfactant and polymer flooding
Oxy, Doha Qatar
 Simulation study fractured reservoirs.
KBB, Hannover
 Reservoir engineering for a Gas Storage Project in Georgia near Tbilisi.
Gaz de France Suez, Lingen Germany
 Reservoir study for a re-development of an oil field
Nordic Oil, Hamburg
 Numerical reservoir simulation study
HOT, Leoben Austria
 Teaching, Courses on Surface Production Operations for OMV
Gasunie, Groningen The Netherlands
 Software for gas storage calculations
Energinet, Denmark
 Due diligence for a porous media storage (reservoir engineering part)
Bayerngas Germany
 Well testing and resservoir engineering for a gas field
KBB, Hannover
  Numerical simulation, reservoir study for a Gas Storage in Latvia
EAM, Stadtwerke Munster-Bispingen
 Reservoir engineering for a geothermal project

DNVGL, Groningen Netherlands
    Assessment of well integrity

Bayerngas, Munic
    Gas storage

Roedl & Partner

    Controllingof a geothermal project in Ethopia