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Reservoir Engineering

Calculation of Live Crude Oil Viscosities Using Equations of State

Unstructured Grids for Numerical Reservoir Simulation - Using TOUGH2 for Gas Storage

The Relevance of Capillary Pressure for the Concept of Relative Permeability

Polymer Flooding

Injectivity testing of polymers (software manual (German))

Polymer Flooding: Appraisal of Four Different Field Projects in Germany

Reservoir Engineering Review of an Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Process in a North German Petroleum Reservoir

Compression of Interfacial Films between Crude Oil and Xanthan

Late Results of a Polyer Pilot Test: Performance, Simulation, Adsorption and Xanthan Stability in the Reservoir

Characterization of xanthan solutions for application in EOR

A Commercial Scale Xanthan Polymer Flood Project in a High Salinity, Low Viscosity Oil Reservoir in North Germany

Screening of Xanthan Biopolymer for a High Salinity Oil Reservoir

polymer floodingpolymer flooding


Examination of the Extraction Ability of Supercritical Gases - A Physico-Chemical Approach to CO2-Flooding (ACS-Meeting, Kansas 1982)

Surfactant Flooding

Enhanced Oil Recovery with Modified Nonionic Surfactants

Application of Modified Non-Ionic Surface Active Agents in Enhanced oil Recovery

Application of Surface-Active Agents in Petroleum Production

Gas Storage

Gas Flow in Porous Media - Tubulence or Thermodynamics

Erdgasspeicher Berlin - Methoden der BetriebsfĂĽhrung

Gas flow in porous media - Turbulence or thermodynamics

The Debrining and Operation of a Gas Cavern with Variable Cushion Gas due to Adjustable Gas Brine Contact

Geothermal Energy

Einfluss der Bohrungsarchitektur auf die hydraulische Leistung von geothermischen Aquiferen

Energy Storage

Energy storage using an advanced CAES technology, European Workshop on Underground Energy Storage, 2020

Underground Pumped Hydrdo Storage, European Workshop on Underground Energy Storage, 2020