CRE - Consulting Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Engineering

Calculation of Live Crude Oil Viscosities Using Equations of State

Unstructured Grids for Numerical Reservoir Simulation - Using TOUGH2 for Gas Storage

The Relevance of Capillary Pressure for the Concept of Relative Permeability

Polymer Flooding

Injectivity testing of polymers (software manual (German))

Polymer Flooding: Appraisal of Four Different Field Projects in Germany

Reservoir Engineering Review of an Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Process in a North German Petroleum Reservoir

Compression of Interfacial Films between Crude Oil and Xanthan

Late Results of a Polyer Pilot Test: Performance, Simulation, Adsorption and Xanthan Stability in the Reservoir

Characterization of xanthan solutions for application in EOR

A Commercial Scale Xanthan Polymer Flood Project in a High Salinity, Low Viscosity Oil Reservoir in North Germany

Screening of Xanthan Biopolymer for a High Salinity Oil Reservoir


Examination of the Extraction Ability of Supercritical Gases - A Physico-Chemical Approach to CO2-Flooding (ACS-Meeting, Kansas 1982)

Surfactant Flooding

Enhanced Oil Recovery with Modified Nonionic Surfactants

Application of Modified Non-Ionic Surface Active Agents in Enhanced oil Recovery

Application of Surface-Active Agents in Petroleum Production

Gas Storage

Gas Flow in Porous Media - Tubulence or Thermodynamics

Erdgasspeicher Berlin - Methoden der Betriebsführung

Gas flow in porous media - Turbulence or thermodynamics

The Debrining and Operation of a Gas Cavern with Variable Cushion Gas due to Adjustable Gas Brine Contact

CavBox Manual

CavBox User Interface