CRE - Consulting Reservoir Engineering

Evidence Toolbar

Evidence is a program package which allows the most important calculations for the gas storage engineering to be performed in an easy and efficient way.


Tank Model to calculate pressures and rates in aquifer gas storages.

Simulation Graphics

An easy to use graphics package for simulation output (e.g. Geoquest's Eclipse).


3-D visualization of simulation grids

Gas Well-Test

Evaluation of gas well tests (C&n-analysis). Data are stored in an Access data base. Calculation of inflow- and outflow-performance.


Calculation of C&n-values from reservoir and well data.


Calculation of gas PVT-data using different correlations and EOS (AGA/GRI, Hall-Yarborough, Peng-Robinson, Soave-Redlich-Kwong)


p/z-analysis of gas field production data. Hysteresis plots gas storage.


Set-up relative permeabilities in an interactive graph.